Top international Affairs MCQs

Top international Affairs MCQs

1.Which is the world’s first major city to celebrate the start of the 2020 New Year and new decade?

[A] Sydney
[B] Auckland
[C] Christchurch
[D] Welllington

2.Alejandro Giammattei was sworn in as the President of which Latin American country?

[A] Guatemala
[B] Mexico
[C] El Salvador
[D] Costa Rica

3.Hassan Diab, who was seen in news recently, is the Prime Minister of which country?

[A] Israel
[B] Jordan
[C] Syria
[D] Lebanon

4.The Global Consortium for Digital Currency Governance was recently announced by which organisation?

[A] World Bank
[B] World Economic Forum
[C] International Monetary Fund
[D] World Trade Organisation

5.When is the International Customs Day (ICD) celebrated annually across the world?

[A] January 24
[B] January 25
[C] January 26
[D] January 27

6.Britain’s Prince Charles has launched a new Children’s protection fund for which Asian country?

[A] Sri Lanka
[B] India
[C] Bangladesh
[D] Nepal

7.When is the ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’ celebrated across the world?

[A] 10 February
[B] 11 February
[C] 12 February
[D] 13 February

8.Leo Varadkar, who recently tendered his resignation, was the Prime Minister of which country?

[A] France
[B] Ireland
[C] The Netherlands
[D] Greece

9.The recently announced ‘India-European Union Flagship Call’ is associated with which field?

[A] Energy
[B] Artificial Intelligence
[C] Defence
[D] Marine Technology

10.Which is the national slogan of Bangladesh, as per the order of the Bangladesh High Court?

[A] Jai Bangla
[B] Joy Bangla
[C] Hail Bangla
[D] Long Live Bangla

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