( Best 70+ ) Computer Applications MCQ

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Computer Applications MCQ

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Computer Applications MCQ

Computer Applications MCQ

11. The two basic types of memory in a computer are ________

A. Primary and major

B. Primary and Secondary

C. Minor and Major

D. Main and virtual

E. ing

12. Which of the following is used to hold running program instructions?

A. Primary Storage

B. Virtual Storage

C. Internal Storage

D. Minor Devices

E. ing

13. Which of the following is non-volatile storage?

A. Backup

B. Secondary

C. Primary

D. Cache

E. ing

14. Which of the following is used in main memory?





E. ing

15. Which of the following are types of ROMs?



C. Only one type there is no further classification


E. ing

16. GUI means:

A. Graphical user interface

B. Graphical user interaction

C. Graphics uniform interaction

D. None of the above

E. ing

17. First graphical user interface used commercially was introduced in

A. 1970

B. 1975

C. 1978

D. 1980

E. ing

18. Which type of user interface provide input by typing a string in the keyboard ?

A. Graphical user interface

B. Command line user interface

C. Natural language interface

D. Menu interface

E. ing

19. In graphical user interface of operating system, to point a file, a user uses:

A. pointer

B. common line interface

C. file-based interface

D. voice based interface

E. ing

20. Files and directories of graphical user interface of operating system programs are known as

A. commands

B. graphics

C. text

D. folders

E. ing

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