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National Income MCQ

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National Income MCQ

National Income MCQ

31. Which of the following is not a component of domestic income?

A. Operating surplus

B. Compensation of employees

C. Net factor income from abroad

D. Mixed income

32. If factor cost is greater than marker price, it means that

A. Indirect taxes < subsidies (Subsidy> indirect taxes)

B. Indirect taxes > subsidies

C. I.T = subsidies

D. None

33. An Indian farmer produces wheat without incurring cost of inputs alll
sells for Rs. 1,000 to a miller who grinds wheat into flour and sells for Rs 1,200 to baker. The baker sells bread to consumers for Rs. 1,600. Total added is Rs.

A. 1,600

B. 2,200

C. 1,000

D. 1,400

34. Which of the following is not true about final goods?

A. Final gods satisfy wants of ultimate consumers and producers.

B. Final goods have direct demand as they satisfy the wants directly.

C. Final goods are subject to further transformation in the process of production.

D. Final goods are neither used up as raw-material nor for resale in the same year.

35. Following is an example of final good:

A. Flour used by a banker in making biscuits

B. Unsold stock of goods lying with the sellers

C. Tyres purchased by a transport company

D. Mobile sets purchased by a mobile dealer

36. Which out of the following is not included in estimation of NI?

A. Subsidized Lunch

B. Old-age Pension

C. Free Medical facilities

D. Construction of a house

37. Which of the following is a synonym of “Undistributed Profits”?

A. Savings of private corporate sector

B. Reserves and Surplus

C. Retained Earnings

D. All of these

38. Piyush’s mother is a teacher. She also teaches Piyush. How would you treat this white
calculating national income and domestic income?

A. It will be included in the national income, but not in the domestic income.

B. It will be included in the domestic income, but not in the national income.

C. It will be included in domestic income as well as national income.

D. It will neither be included in the domestic income nor in the national income.

39. Subsidy implies Selling the product

A. To the government at higher prices

B. Below the cost of production.

C. Selling the product at loss.

D. Selling the product at cost plus indirect taxes.

40. Which of the following is correct?

A. If national income rises, per capita income must also rise.

B. If population rises, per capita income must fall.

C. If national income rises, welfare of the people must rise.

D. None of the above.

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