Can You See Who Rewatches Your Snapchat Story?

by Mr. DJ

Users of Snapchat may upload pictures and videos to a timeline that vanishes, much like Instagram’s story feature. Snapchat stories only exist for 24 hours before they vanish on their own. Snapchat stories may be watched by everyone on your Friends list or just a select few people, depending on your privacy settings (private stories).

You can keep track of who has read your tales as well as how many people have seen them. When it comes to video tales, if someone merely watches a portion of the story before closing it, it won’t appear on the list of viewers.

Can You See Who Rewatches Your Snapchat Story?

Can You See Who Rewatches Your Snapchat Story?

You cannot see who replays your Snapchat story, sorry. Only the rewatch indication may be used to determine how many friends have viewed your Snapchat story again.

As you can see, the number next to the eyes symbol indicates the number of friends who have viewed your snap again, not the number of times it has been seen. For instance, your two pals viewed your picture again. One buddy watched it four times, while another saw it seven times. However, just the number 2 will be shown next to the eyes emoji.

Tips for finding out who viewed your Snapchat story more than once

  • Take periodic snapshots of the list of your viewers. In this manner, you may determine where a person was on the list.
  • Make use of personal narratives. It will be simpler to monitor who is seeing your article several times if fewer individuals have access to it.
  • Keep your viewer list closed at all times. While open, the list does not fill up. You have to keep opening and shutting it.
  • You may ask a buddy to quickly view your snap and then watch to see if the person whose name is now at the top of your viewer list goes to the top once again if you want to know whether they replayed your snap.

How to check who has viewed your story

  • You may see how many times your article has been seen as well as the identities of those viewers. Launch the Snapchat app, and then touch on your story in the upper left corner to see how many people have seen it.
  • To see who has watched any of your tales, tap on My Story under “My Stories” on the following screen.
  • Swipe up on the screen or press the view count (shown by an eye symbol) in the bottom left corner when your tale has loaded on the screen.
  • A list of the viewers of your tale will appear when you press the eye symbol.

How to tell if someone viewed your Snapchat story more than once

There is no clear way to determine if your story has been seen more than once on Snapchat. You can use a method, however, to learn who and how many people saw your tale again. It should be noted that using this strategy prevents you from knowing how many times the same individual has seen your tale.

You must contrast your current viewer list with an earlier one in order to determine if someone has read your tale again. The list of viewers is generated by Snapchat depending on who last watched your story. And it continues to add names to this list in the same way.

So you must continually check your viewer’s list to see whether someone has read your article again. The individual has most likely just read your tale again if their name was previously below but now appears at the top of the list.

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