( Best 200+ ) Macro Economics MCQ

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Macro Economics MCQ

Macro Economics MCQ Meaning :- Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that deals with the structure, performance, behavior, and decision-making of the whole, or aggregate, economy. The two main areas of macroeconomic research are long-term economic growth and shorter-term business cycles.

Macro Economics MCQ

11. Green accounting accounts for
A. Depletion of natural resources

B. Costs of environmental degradation

C. Pollution

D. All of the above


12. Quantity of money according to classical theory will determine the
A Saving and investment

B National output

C Real wage

D. Price level


13. Under Keynesian cross model , rate of interest is
A. Endogenous variable

B. Exogenous variable

C. Exponential variable

D. None of the above


14. Wage price flexibility is the contribution of which of the following economist?
A. J B Say

B . J M Keynes

C. J S Mill

D. A C Pigou


15. According to Keynes what causes changes in inducement to invest by entrepreneurs?
A. MPC and MEI

B. MEC and MPS

C. MEC and rate of interest

D. MPC and rate of interest


16. The deficiency of aggregate demand during depression period leads to
A. Seasonal unemployment

B. Voluntary unemployment

C:Involuntary unemployment

D: Frictional unemployment


17. In Keynesian model of income determination autonomous investment occurs due to
A. Change in income

B. Change in employment

C. Change in profit

D. Change in social welfare programmes

18. Early Keynesian economists’ view is
A. Money alone matters

B. Money does not matters

C. Money partly matters

D. None of the above

19. Which among the following is not a tool of fiscal policy
A.Government expenditure

B. Taxation

C. Transfer payments

D. Bank rate


20. The formula for calculating simple multiplier is


C. 1/1-MPS



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