( Best 50+ ) Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

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Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

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Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

1. a variety of situation.

A. values

B. Ethics

C. emotions

D. none of these

2. terminal values represent

A. the end state or the purpose of a person\s

B. means for achiving desired result

C. unachiveable goals

D. none of these

3. Discrimination on the basis of age ,gender, religion relates to values in context of


B. Finance & accounting

C. Sales & marketing

D. Production

4. “All actions that maximize the goods are right actions” this statement relates to

A. consequentialist

B. deontological theory

C. motivational theory

D. none of these

5. regardless of their consequences

A. deontological theory

B. consequentialist

C. motivational theory

D. none of these

6. concept of DHARMA includes

A. right way of living

B. devine law

C. path or righteousness

D. all of these

7. …………….. means an action done at the spur of a moment or time in the present tense which instanteously bears the fruit

A. kriyaman kerma

B. Sanchit kerma

C. prarbdh kerma

D. none of these

8. …………….. are the action out of accumulated sanchit kerma

A. kaiyaman kerma

B. prarbdh kerma

C. Sanchit kerma

D. none of these

9. nishkam kerma refers to

A. action relates to detached involvement

B. actiona related to attached involvement with the

C. action relats to both world

D. none of these

10. the stressors like anxiety that leads to action and performance is ………………..

A. eustress

B. distress

C. frustration

D. none of these

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