( Best 50+ ) Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

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Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

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Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

21. which one indicate the first stage of stress

A. resistance

B. alarm

C. exhaustion

D. none of these

22. As a man sows, so shall he reap. This is

A. law of nature

B. law of ethics

C. law of karma

D. none of these

23. wisdom can be……………….

A. taught

B. learned & earned

C. acquired

D. none of these

24. Well governing group of workers who voluntarily meet regularly is

A. Quality Circle

B. Total Quality Management

C. Six sigma

D. Kaizen

25. Tat tvam asi means

A. you are that supreme

B. lok sangrah

C. sakam kerma

D. world is illusion

26. knowlegde workers are ………

A. product of education and traning

B. use equiptment & software in making decision

C. help in solving problems

D. all of these

27. Guidelines for ethical behaviour are

A. obey the law

B. tell the truth

C. above all do not harm

D. all of these

28. What is the full form of TQM ?

A. Total quantity management

B. Total quality mismanagement

C. Total quality management

D. typical quality management

29. Aham brahmasi means

A. lok sangrah

B. I have immense potential,I can make the impossible

C. world is illusion

D. sakam kerma

30. karma has been derives from the sanskrit word ……….

A. pri

B. kri

C. shi

D. karu

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