( Best 50+ ) Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

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Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

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Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

Business Ethics and CSR MCQ

11. Lewin’s model relates to

A. change management

B. performance management

C. ethical management

D. customer relationship

12. Elements of transformation are

A. structural change

B. technological change

C. people change

D. all of these

13. The process of attempts to make change permanent

A. unfreezing

B. refreezing

C. change or moving

D. deep freezing

14. components of success includes

A. happiness

B. achivement

C. significance

D. all of these

15. increase in profitability potential by companies relates to

A. social progress

B. personal progress

C. economic progress

D. environmental progress

16. discretionary responsibilities relates to

A. philanthropy

B. ethical responsibity

C. legal responsibilities

D. economic responsibilities

17. legal responsibilities relates to

A. just and fair practicies

B. obey the laws of land

C. attain economic goals

D. do good to others

18. corporate social responsibility leads to

A. long run survival of bussines

B. improvement in public image

C. helps in avoiding government interferance

D. all of these

19. Three tier redressal system for handling the grevances relates to

A. sale of good act 1930

B. consumer protection act 1986

C. competition act 2002

D. none of these

20. case of any damage occurred to him

A. right to seek redressal

B. right to be heard

C. right to safety

D. informed

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