How to Fix STEPN App Not Working

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STEPN is a move-to-earn Web3 lifestyle application that uses incentives to encourage users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Players that have NFT footwear may make money outside by jogging, walking, or running. The in-app store and Magic Eden’s marketplace both sell NFT shoes.

Over 900,000 active STEPN users were drawn by the mix of health and financial factors. Many of these users have recently had problems using the STEPN programme, including difficulties updating or logging in, application crashes, and difficulties ending runs. You will discover a solution to the “fix STEPN App not functioning” problem in this post.

How to Fix STEPN App Not Working

Why is STEPN App Not Working?

Because to bugs in the STEPN app or a shaky internet connection, the STEPN app is not functioning.

In addition, there is a potential that you just upgraded the STEPN app and that the most current version has a problem or a malfunction.

Steps to Fix “STEPN App Not Working”

1. Examine the Internet connection first

Check your Internet connection first if you are having trouble connecting in to the STEPN programme or experiencing any form of slowness.

This issue will arise if your Internet connection is inconsistent, especially if you are jogging, running, or walking in a distant region.

Use the Ookla speed test to examine your Internet connection. Ookala is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

If the Internet connection is unreliable, you may try accessing the STPEN programme from a different location.

2. Upgrade STEPN App

There have been instances when the STEPN app has behaved improperly due to a technical issue.

You must visit the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and look for the most recent update to fix the STEPN app’s not functioning problem.

You must update your STEPN app as soon as a new update becomes available.

3. Verify whether there is a global glitch

Check the official STEPN Twitter, Reddit, Medium, and Discord pages to see whether the problem is widespread if anything is wrong with your STEPN application if it is not functioning correctly.

If there is an international issue, you will need to wait until the STEPN team resolves it.

4. Empty Cache

You can encounter problems if the STEPN app’s files did not load completely.

You must delete the cache in order to reload all of the programme files.

  • Go to Settings on an Android smartphone to delete the cache.
  • Go to Apps or Application Manager next.
  • Click the STEPN app, then choose Clear Cache.
  • Go to Settings on the iPhone to delete the cache.
  • After that, choose General and then iPhone Storage.
  • then click on the STEPN app after finding it.
  • Then click Offload App.

In addition to reloading the programme files, clearing the cache improves the device’s speed and efficiency.

You must re-log in to your STEPN app after deleting the cache.

5. Examine the Storage Area

You may encounter slowness and/or the STEPN app won’t function properly if the storage space on your smartphone is insufficient or almost full.

The GPS and SMAC methods must be used by the STEPN programme after it has started running on the device until the player stops the application. Players are watched by STEPN for any signs of cheating using the SMAC (STEPN Model for Anti Cheating) mechanism.

Due to the simultaneous operation of the GPS and SMAC mechanism, enough device memory space is needed for smooth functioning.

Therefore, if you run out of storage, it’s a good idea to make some room or upgrade your gadget.

6. Remove and reinstall the STEPN App

You might think about quitting and restarting the programme if the STEPN app crashes in the middle of the run and you are unable to collect your GST.

You might think about deleting and reinstalling the STEPN software if the problem still exists.

Before uninstalling the programme, make careful to keep in mind your STEPN wallet Seed Phrase. For more information, see How to Store the Seed Phrase Safely.

7. Match the time and date

If the time and date settings on your smartphone are not in sync with the current time and date, the STEPN app may not function correctly.

If so, you must update your device’s date and time to reflect the current time.

Return to the STEPN app now and make sure it is operating correctly.

8. Verify the Device’s Compatibility

The device requirement and/or obsolete OS version of your smartphone are to blame if, after the most recent STEPN update, you are unable to log into the app or it abruptly stops operating.

Few people, namely those who use Huawei devices, are now experiencing this kind of problem since Huawei does not support the Google Playstore or users of Android versions 8 and below.

The device and OS requirements are not currently updated on the STEPN website.

Avoiding Huawei products would be the best course of action, however.

9. Power Cycle Your Device

If you have followed all of the instructions above and are still experiencing problems with the STEPN app, you should try restarting or rebooting your device as a final resort.

Try launching and using the STEPN app after rebooting the device.

10. Speak to STEPN

If there are any unusual problems, you must contact the STEPN support staff.

You may get in touch with them by email at [email protected], Twitter, or Discord.

See also: STEPN Contact Information.

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