How to Up the Level of Sneakers in STEPN?

by Mr. DJ

STEPN is a move-to-earn Web3 lifestyle application that uses incentives to encourage users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Players that have NFT footwear may make money outside by jogging, walking, or running. The in-app store and Magic Eden’s marketplace both sell NFT shoes.

Over 900,000 active STEPN users were drawn by the mix of health and financial factors. Many of these users have recently had problems using the STEPN programme, including difficulties updating or logging in, application crashes, and difficulties ending runs. You will discover a solution to the “fix STEPN App not functioning” problem in this post.

A Web3 lifestyle app called STEPN has Social-Fi and Game-Fi components. Users that have NFT Sneakers may earn GST by walking, jogging, or running outside. GST can then be used to level up and create new Sneakers.

On the in-app Marketplace, players may opt to rent or sell their NFT Sneakers. Users’ GST profits are saved in the in-app Wallet, which has a built-in Swap feature. By increasing your game level, you may earn more money on the STEPN app. When you increase your level, GST will be lost. In this post, we’ll go through STEPN Levels, what occurs in the game when you level up, and how much it costs. and how you may improve your performance.

How to Up the Level of Sneakers in STEPN?

Best way to Up the Level of Sneakers in STEPN?

Steps to Up the Level of Sneakers in STEPN:

Step 1: First choose the sneaker in the STEPN app of which you want level up.

Step 2: Click on “Level Up” which is available in bottom left side.

Step 3: After clicking on level up, A popup will come which will display the levering time and leveling cost. Now. click on confirm buttom. Your Sneaker level will be up.

Note: Keep in mind if you up the level, repair cost will also be increase along with level up.

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  • Title – STEPN
  • Publisher – A Web3 running app.
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