How to Transfer Solana(SOL) to STEPN?

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On the Solana blockchain, the move2earn NFT game STEPN lowers carbon emissions. With the Game-Fi initiative STEPN, you may run, jog, and stroll your way to a nice income.

Players may level up their shoes, create additional sneakers, pay for maintenance costs, and other things in this game by burning tokens. In STEPN, you will earn more money the more you walk and run.

You need SOL in order to purchase the Sneaker. So, after reading this tutorial, you will be able to transfer SOL from Binance to STEPN or fund STEPN wallet in order to purchase STEPN Sneakers and participate in the game.

How to Transfer Solana(SOL) to STEPN?

Best Way to Transfer Solana(SOL) to STEPN?

Step 1: Open the STEPN App

We’re going to assume that you’ve already registered for the STEPN mobile app. If not, you may play STEPN by receiving the activation code and using the instructions provided here.

You’ve now established an account and are on the STEPN app’s main page.

Step 2: Select the wallet symbol in the top right corner.

Click the wallet symbol in the upper right corner of the STEPN app once it has been opened.

Step 3: Select “Wallet.”

After selecting the wallet symbol, you will be sent to the following screen, where two tabs—Spending and wallet—are located at the top. You will automatically be able to view a spending account that displays your SOL, GMT, and GST.

SOL, GST, and GMT will be 0 if you haven’t played any games or have just established the account up to this point.

Click on wallet now. If you already have an account, you may import your wallet using your seed phrase. If not, select “Set a new wallet” to get to the next screen, where you can create your passcode to securely access your account before entering your seed phrase.

Note: Be sure to safely save your seed phrase. Please do not divulge this seed phrase to anybody. Unless you log out, they may access your wallet and take money out.

Therefore, be careful to always preserve your seed phrase in a safe place.

Step 4: Select “Receive”

You can check the number of SOL in your wallet as well as other currencies like GST, GMT, and USDC after establishing your wallet.

To get the SOL in your wallet, click the Receive button, which is located on the left of the Transfer button.

Step 5: Copy your wallet address

You may use the bar code and wallet address shown on the next page, which you will reach after clicking the Receive button, to withdraw money from another wallet or exchange.

By selecting the Wallet Address option, you can now copy your wallet address. alternatively, you may scan the QR code to put the money in your wallet.

Step 6: Activate your Binance account

Log into your Binance account after copying the wallet address since here is where you will transfer the SOL.

Make sure you have enough Sol in your Binance account before sending. Click SOL to continue. If you don’t already have SOL, add or purchase SOL in Binance first.

Step 7: choose Withdraw.

You may see all information about SOL, including the quantity of SOL and SOL’s transaction history, by clicking on the SOL cryptocurrency.

Now choose the Withdraw button in the deposit’s bottom left corner. You should choose “Send through Crypto Network” on the next page after selecting the “Withdraw” option.

Step 8: Send SOL to STEPN Wallet

After selecting “Send through Crypto Network,” you will be sent to the following page where you must input information such as the wallet address you copied from your STEPN wallet, the network “SOLANA,” and the quantity of SOL you want to send.

  • Click the “Withdraw” button after filling out all the information. A confirmation box will then appear.
  • Just click the “Withdraw” option once you’ve confirmed your purchase. Your transaction will end in a little while.

You may reload your STEPN app to view your SOL after a short while.

How Long Will the Transfer From SOL to STEPN Take?

Depending on network congestion, the time it takes to transfer SOL to STEPN might range from 5 to 1 hours. It will often just take five minutes. It may sometimes take more than five minutes.

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  • Title – STEPN
  • Publisher – A Web3 running app.
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