( Best 60+ ) Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History MCQ

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Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History MCQ

This article briefly covers all about Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History MCQ. Aspirants will find these Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty MCQ Quiz Questions extremely helpful while preparing for any competitive exams. All the Objective Type Questions on Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty are given as per the latest trends by people having domain knowledge. Understand your level of preparation by answering the Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty Quiz Questions on a regular basis and improvise accordingly.

Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History MCQ

Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

31. Who among the following did not rule the Delhi Sultanate?
A. Slave dynasty
B. Sayyed dynasty
C. Khalji dynasty
D. Ghori dynasty

32. Group of Monuments at Hampi was built by?
A. Harihara and Bukka
B. Udayin and Shishunaga
C. Devavarman and Vainya
D. Mahendraverman and Sirmara

33. Who is considered as the greatest of all the Vijayanagar rulers?
A. Krishnadeva Raya
B. Vir Narasimha
C. Sadasiva Raya
D. Rama Raya

34. The medieval city of Vijayanagar is now known as
A. Chandragiri
B. Aravidu
C. Hampi
D. Kondavidu

35. Who was the first Vijayanagar ruler to wrest the important fort of Goa from the Bahamanis?
A. Reva Rayali
B. Harihara-I
C. Harihara-II
D. Bukka-I

36. __________was imprisoned for the rest of his life by Aurangzeb
A. Akbar
B. Shah Jahan
C. Jahangir
D. Babur

37. Indian Mughal paintings originated during the rule of which Mughal Emperor?
A. Humayun
B. Akbar
C. Jahangir
D. Shah Jahan

38. The rulers of Vijayanagar promoted
A. Hindi Marathi and Sanskrit
B. Malayalam Tamil and Sanskrit
C. Tamil Telugu and Sanskrit
D. Telugu Urdu and Sanskrit

39. The Sayyid dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate is called so because__________?
A. Its founder and his successors adopted the title Sayyid
B. Its founder and his successors belonged to the Sayyid tribe of eastern Turkistan
C. Its founder and his successors were descendant of the prophet Muhammad
D. Its founder was a scholar of Islamic theology

40. Who was the founder of Lodi dynasty?
A. Daulat Khan Lodi
B. Sikandar Lodi
C. Bahlol Lodi
D. Ibrahim Lodi

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