( Best 60+ ) Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History MCQ

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Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History MCQ

This article briefly covers all about Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History MCQ. Aspirants will find these Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty MCQ Quiz Questions extremely helpful while preparing for any competitive exams. All the Objective Type Questions on Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty are given as per the latest trends by people having domain knowledge. Understand your level of preparation by answering the Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty Quiz Questions on a regular basis and improvise accordingly.

Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History MCQ

Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty History Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

41. How many Mahajanpadas were there in ancient India?
A. 20
B. 16
C. 18
D. 10

42. The capital of the Bahamani Kings was
A. Gulbarga
B. Bijapur
C. Hampi
D. Agra

43. Who was the founder of Kushan Empire?
A. Kanishka
B. Virna Kadphises
C. Kujula Kadphises
D. Vasiskha

44. Who got the monumental ‘Rayagopurams’ in front of the temples at Hampi, Tiru-pati, etc., constructed?
A. Vidyaranya
B. Krishnadeva Raya
C. Harihara
D. Raja raj

45. Famous Battle of Talikota was fought in
A. 1565
B. 1585
C. 1575
D. 1555

46. Krishnadevaraya built the Krishnaswami temple in Hampi, which is situated in the present state of
A. Karnataka
B. Calcutta
C. Jammu ; Kashmir
D. Kerala

47. The correct chronological order in which they were built is:,1. Tughluqabad Fort,2. Lodi Garden,3. Qutub Minar,4. Fatehpur Sikri
A. 3 1 4 2
B. 3 1 2 4
C. 1 3 2 4
D. 1 3 4 2

48. Name the river on the banks of which the city of Vijayanagar is located?
A. Kaveri
B. Krishna
C. Wainganga
D. Tungabhadra

49. The rulers of the Lodi dynasty were
A. Turks settled in Afghanistan
B. Pure Turks
C. Pure Afghan
D. Timurid Turks

50. In which century, Qutub Minar of Delhi was built?
A. 12th Century
B. 13th Century
C. 14th Century
D. 11th Century

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