[ Best ] Prehistoric India MCQs

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Prehistoric India MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with explanation on Prehistoric India for SSC, PCS, UPSC, IAS,NEET, CBSE /UGC NET, Class IX, X, XI and XII Students. You Can read our story notes on prehistoric India.

Prehistoric India MCQs

  1. Which one of the following sites has yielded the cultural remains from Neolithic to Harappan period?
    [A] Amri
    [B] Mehrgarh
    [C] Kotdiji
    [D] Kalibangan
  2. Earliest evidence of rice cultivation in the Ganga valley has been found at
    [A] Lahuradewa
    [B] Senuwar
    [C] Sohgaura
    [D] Kaushambi
  3. Which rock – shelter in India bears largest number of paintings?
    [A] Ghagharia
    [B] Bhimbetka
    [C] Lekhahia
    [D] Adamgarh
  4. The earliest inscription on stone was in which language?
    [A] Pali
    [B] Sanskrit
    [C] Prakrit
    [D] Brahmi
  5. The three age system – Stone. Bronze and Iron from the collection of Copenhagen museum was coined by
    [A] Thomson
    [B] Lubbock
    [C] Taylor
    [D] Childe
  6. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding pre-historic art?
    [A] Palaeolithic and Mesolithic people practised painting.
    [B] Pre-historic art appears at several places, but Bhimbetka is the most striking site with 500 painted rock shelters.
    [C] Many birds, animals and human beings are painted.
    [D] The paintings depict the religious beliefs of the people.
  7. Which was the first metal used by man?
    [A] Copper
    [B] Silver
    [C] Bronze
    [D] Brass
  8. With which of the following periods do we associate the ‘microlith’ implements?
    [A] Palaeolithic
    [B] Mesolithic
    [C] Neolithic
    [D] Chalcolithic
  9. With Which period do we associate the ‘megaliths’?
    [A] Neolithic
    [B] Chalcolithic
    [C] Mesolithic
    [D] Pleistocene
  10. When the first metal tool came into being it used for?
    [A] pot-making
    [B] house-building
    [C] clearing jungles
    [D] making wheels

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