( Best 30+ ) Value of Money MCQ

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Value of Money MCQ

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Value of Money MCQ

Value of Money MCQ

21. Which people are most likely to gain during inflation?

A. Those living on pension

B. Those living on their savings

C. Those who are repaying borrowed money

D. Those who have lent money

22. If quantity of money increases 100%, other things remaining constant, value of money changes by:

A. Increases by 100%

B. Decreases by 100%

C. Decreases by 200%

D. Does not change

23. For the economy, prices are beneficial:

A. Falling slowly

B. Rising slowly

C. Rising fast

D. Falling fast

24. Value of money means:

A. Gold purchased by money

B. General purchasing power of money

C. Importance of money

D. Demand for money

25. Value of money and supply of money are related:

A. Inversely

B. Directly

C. Govt. law

D. Are not related

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