What Does The Eye Symbol Mean On Snapchat Story?

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What Does The Eye Symbol Mean On Snapchat Story?

The eyes icon on a Snapchat Story indicates how many people have viewed your Snaps again after posting them to My Story, Private Stories, or Shared Stories. Basically, the eyes sign denotes a rewatch indication, which is shown when one or more friends have viewed the picture again (as long as the Story has more than one view)

As you can see, the number next to the eyes symbol indicates the number of friends who have viewed your snap again, not the number of times it has been seen. For instance, your two pals viewed your picture again. One buddy watched it four times, while another saw it seven times.

However, just the number 2 will be shown next to the eyes emoji.

Press the shared Story and swipe up to see whether anybody has viewed it again.

Other Important Points:

  • Only Snapchat Plus users can access eyes on Snapchat.
  • The number next to the eyes emoji counts how many friends have rewatched your Story, not the total number of times it’s been rewatched.
  • The Rewatch Indicator does not show which friends rewatched your story, it will show only count.

How to Turn ON/OFF Eyes (Rewatch Indicator) on Snapchat?

Steps to Turn ON/OFF Eyes đź‘€ (Rewatch Indicator) on Snapchat:

Step 1: Go to your Snapchat Profile.

Step 2: Click on Snapchat+ Membership card at the top.

Step 3: Toggle ON/OFF Story Rewatch Count accordingly.

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