what is Other Snapchatters + 1 More

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You’ve seen a text that says “Other Snapchatters” on your Snapchat story views, but you’re not sure what it means.

Many individuals see the message “Other Snapchatters” or “Other Snapchatters +1 more” on their Snapchat stories, and they often post questions about it on various message boards.

What the word “Other-Snapchatters” refers to on the app has not been defined by Snapchat, according to its blog.

What does that signify, then? Does this imply that your buddy has banned or unfriended you on Snapchat?

This article’s next section will go through the definition of “Other Snapchatters” and list their names. Let’s begin, then.

what is Other Snapchatters + 1 More

What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat?

Only your friends are supposed to view the stories you upload on Snapchat. However, sometimes individuals from the “Other Snapchatters” area may show up in the list of people who have seen your Snapchat story. So, who are these users exactly?

Well, the term “Other Snapchatters” refers to Snapchat users who have viewed your story but don’t follow you on the app. While that answers one question, it raises several more.

Does this mean that these users are old friends, have now unfollowed or blocked you?

Let’s take a closer look at who gets the “Other Snapchatters” title.

Well, here I have listed all the different reasons why someone might appear as “Other Snapchatter” under your story views.

Why Does My Snapchat Say Other Snapchatters?

Other Snapchatters are essentially those users who have seen your story but have banned you, removed you as a friend, or both. They might also be users that you haven’t invited back as friends.

This problem has been brought up by a lot of Snapchat users since it sometimes occurs that other Snapchat users are shown in place of a person’s name when you check the viewers of your story.

The reason why other Snapchatters are listed as viewers of your tale is because when you submitted the story, the user may have been one of your friends. However, after they saw it, they may have blocked or unfriended you, or you may not have added them back as a friend.

How To See Who Viewed Your Snapchat Story When It Says +1 More?

Because the user who falls under this tag has banned you, you cannot access or see his account or name on Snapchat, therefore you cannot know who saw your Snapchat story when it says +1 more.

After you published your tale, the person may have read it, but they may have blocked you later on, which is why they are shown as +1 more.

It is not possible to see their name in your story’s list of viewers until they have blocked you; but, if they subsequently unblock you, you will be able to see their name beneath the viewers.

How Can I See Snapchat’s +1 More?

Because they blocked you after watching your story, you are unable to see the +1 more viewer on Snapchat, and you are also unable to access their name or account.

Additionally, Snapchat doesn’t have a function that would let you see the additional Snapchatter who saw your story before blocking you.

On Snapchat, how can you tell if someone unadded you?

There are several ways/methods you may use to confirm if someone has added you again or not as Snapchat doesn’t explicitly tell you who has removed you as friends or hasn’t added you again.

These include:

1. Make sure they are on your friend list.

Go to your Snapchat profile, choose the My Friends tab, and then type the name of the Snapchat user you want to see whether they have added you again or not into the search bar.

They have not added you as friends again if you are unable to find any accounts with that username.

2. look for pending snaps

Check their chat to determine whether the snap or conversation you gave them is still shown as pending. If the label reads “pending,” that implies they have not added you as a friend yet.

However, for this, you must send them a text or a snap. And only if they have set their account privacy settings to “my friends only” will this strategy work.

3. Verify their Snap rating

Enter their username in the search box. Because someone’s snap score is only available when they add you back as friends, if you are unable to view it, it signifies they have not rejoined you as friends again.

Just underneath their name and profile photo is where you can see their snap score.

4. Verify They Are Story Subscriptions

The friends’ story area on Snapchat will display any story that any of your friends have uploaded.

The story, however, will show up in the subscription part below the friends’ stories section if the individual has removed you and set his or her story to public.

If their story appears in your subscriptions, the other person has either unfriended you or has decided not to add you again.

But keep in mind that it will function if the narrative of that individual is set to public exposure.

5. Monitor Your Story’s Audience

This method places greater emphasis on being watchful and monitoring your article views.

Because if you often check who is seeing your tale, you may quickly identify the person who has disappeared, and ultimately you will learn who has deleted you.

6. Perform a search to see how their name appears.

In the search box, enter their name, and see what comes up. The person’s name will show up under the “friends” category if you are friends with them.

However, if none of you are friends with the other, their name will show up under the add friends heading.

Continue reading to learn how to make someone your top Snapchat friend.

How Do You Know If Someone On Snapchat Has Blocked You?

Although Snapchat doesn’t explicitly inform you when someone has blocked you, you may check and verify it by utilising the techniques listed below:

1: Review Your Most Recent Chats

Go check your communication with them if you had one if you had with that individual on Snapchat.

If you are unable to see their conversation, they have blocked you. However, a conversation history with that individual is necessary for this approach to function.

2. Lookup the Username

If you can’t locate their account after searching for their precise username, it’s possible that they have blocked you.

But you must do the following step listed below to verify this.

3. Use Another Account To Search For Their Username

Try searching their username using a friend’s Snapchat if you weren’t able to discover their account by doing so from your own account.

If you discover their account on your friend’s Snapchat, it means they have banned you; however, if their account is missing from your friend’s Snapchat, it may mean they have destroyed their account.

How Can I Remove Other Snapchat Users?

It is not feasible for you to delete other Snapchatters since you are unaware of who has unfriended or banned you because their name is not shown in the list of story views.

Additionally, Snapchat doesn’t let you know when someone deletes your account from theirs.

Because of this, it might be difficult to figure out who has unfollowed you and may show up as “other Snapchatter” on the viewer’s list.

You may also erase someone from your Snapchat if you discover that they have deleted you via one of these ways.

Does Delete Mean to Other Snapchatters?

No, it doesn’t imply you’ve been erased; instead, it implies the user who posted your story under the hashtag other Snapchatters has either banned or removed you from the app.

They may not be your pals, despite the fact that you are still friends with them.

Does Blocked Mean to Other Snapchatters?

The presence of other Snapchatters in the story views might indeed indicate blocking. Because when additional Snapchatters appear under your story viewers, it indicates that they either blocked you or unfriended you after seeing your tale.

How Do Others View My Private Snapchat Story?

If you added a Snapchat user to your private story viewers list before they banned or unfollowed you while you could see their name, they may be able to see your tale.

Because of this, you can encounter them among the Snapchat users that read your private story.

Can Other Users See Your Friends on Snapchat?

They have either banned you or removed you as a friend, so they cannot view your friends.

Additionally, Snapchat forbids users from seeing the friends of others, even if the friends are mutually friendly.


If you’re curious about what other Snapchatters are, as you may have seen in your story watchers, you should know that they are essentially individuals who were friends with you before you posted the story but have since unfriended or blocked you.

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