( Best 125+ ) Co-operative Theory and Practice MCQ-2

by Mr. DJ

Co-operative Theory and Practice MCQ-2

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Co-operative Theory and Practice MCQ

Co-operative Theory and Practice MCQ-2

121. NCCE stands for……………….

A. national council for cooperative training and education

B. national council for cooperative education and training

C. national council for cooperative education

D. national centre for cooperative education

122. The cooperator is a …………… journal published by NCUI

A. monthly

B. quarterly

C. annually

D. half-yearly

123. NCUI stands for …………………….

A. national central union of india

B. national cooperative union of india

C. national council for cooperation in india

D. national cooperative union india

124. Indian Cooperative Review is a ……………… of NCUI

A. quarterly research journal

B. annual research journal

C. quarterly journal

D. monthly journal

125. In India, Cooperative Week will be celebrated in the month of

A. january

B. july

C. november

D. october

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