List of International Business MCQ ( Best )

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List of International Business MCQ

This is a list of International Business MCQ questions with answers. These IB multiple-choice questions will help to study International Trade, International Marketing, and international finance concepts.

MBA, MMS, MCA, BBA, B. Com, BBA, PGDM, IBM specialization, and other management students can use these MCQs for international business management. It’s also useful for NET, SET, and Ph.D. entrance exams. Join Our Telegram Channel.

List of International Business MCQ

List of International Business MCQ

The first phase of globalization started around 1870 and ended with …..

a. World War I

b. World War II

c. The Establishment of GATT

d. In 1913 when GDP was High

Ans: a

IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) also known as

a. Exim Bank

b. World Bank

c. International Monetary fund

d. International Bank

Ans: b

Ultimately ………………was replaced by the …………….on 1st Jan 1995





Answer: c

Which is the right sequence of stages of Internationalization

a. Domestic, Transnational, Global, International, Multinational

b. Domestic, International, Multinational, Global, Transnational

c. Domestic, Multinational, International, Transnational, Global

d. Domestic, International, Transnational, Multinational, Global

Answer: b

Subsidiaries consider the regional environment for policy / Strategy formulation is known as

a. Polycentric Approach

b. Regiocentric Approach

c. Ethnocentric Approach

d. Geocentric Approach

Answer: b

According to this theory, the holdings of a country’s treasure primarily in the form of gold constituted its wealth.

a. Gold Theory

b. Ricardo Theory

c. Mercantilism

d. Hecksher Theory

Answer: c

The Theory of Absolute Cost Advantage is given by

a. David Ricardo

b. Adam Smith

c. F W Taylor

d. Ohlin and Heckscher

Answer: b

The Theory of Relative Factor Endowments is given by

a. David Ricardo

b. Adam Smith

c. F W Taussig

d. Ohlin and Hecksher

Answer: d

  1. The theory of comparative cost advantage is given by

a. David Ricardo

b. Adam Smith

c. F W Taussig

d. Ohlin and Hecksher

Answer: a

……………is the application of knowledge which redefines the boundaries of global business

a. Cultural Values

b. Society

c. Technology

d. Economy

Answer: c

Capitalistic, communistic and Mixed are the types of

a. Economic System

b. Social System

c. Open Account

d. Drafts

Answer: b

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