Medieval Indian History MCQs: Gk By Mr. DJ

by Mr. DJ

Medieval Indian History MCQs: Gk By Mr. DJ

Medieval Indian History Art And Culture MCQs Q&A with easy explanations. History section provides you all type of MCQs questions on Medieval Indian History

1. Ghazni was a small principality in
A. Mongolia
B. Turkey
C. Persia
D. Afghanistan

2. Who was the author of Kitab-ul-Hind?
A. Abu Said
B. Abul Fazl
C. Firdausi
D. AI-Beruni

3. Who is known as the “slave of a slave”?
A. Muhammad bin Oasim
B. Mahmud of Ghazni
C. Ilitutmish
D. Outbuddin Aibak

4. Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to issue regular currency and to declare Delhi as the capital of his empire?
A. Balban
B. Aram Shah
C. Nasiruddin Mahmud
D. IIitutmish

5. Who among the following came to India at the instance of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni?
A. AI-Masudi
B. AI-Beruni
C. Sulaiman
D. Abdul Haq

6. Which Sultan of Delhi died while playing the chaugan (polo)?
A. Qutbuddin Aibak
B. Ghiyasuddin Balban
C. Shamsuddin IItutmish
D. Nasiruddin Mahmud

7. The most learned medieval Muslim ruler who was well versed in various branches of learning including astronomy, mathematics and medicine was
A. Sikandar Lodi
B. Iitutmish
C. Muhammad bin Tughlaq
D. Alauddin Khalji

8. The largest standing army of the Delhi Sultanate directly paid by the State was created by
A. Balban
B. IIitutmish
C. Muhammad bin Tughlaq
D. Alauddin Khalji

9. Who was the founder leader of ‘Muslim Faqirs’ ?
A. Majnun Shah
B. Dadu Mian
C. Tipu
D. Chirag Ali Shah

10. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
A. Dev Raya II : Sangama
B. Vira Narasimha : Tuluva
C. Venkata II : Aravidu
D. Narsimha : Chalukya

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