October MCQs Current Affairs – 2020

October MCQs Current Affairs – 2020

Best 200+ Current Affairs MCQ’s October 2020 PDF: 200+ Current Affairs Oct 2020: October Month Best MCQs Current Affairs

  1. India announced establishing a ‘Green Strategic Partnership’ with which country?
  • [A] Finland
  • [B] Switzerland
  • [C] Denmark
  • [D] France
  1. ‘Cat Que’, that was seen in news recently, is a virus said to have emerged in which country?
  • [A] India
  • [B] China
  • [C] United States
  • [D] Kenya
  1. Human Rights group Amnesty International has announced to quit from which country?
  • [A] United States
  • [B] India
  • [C] China
  • [D] North Korea
  1. Until which month, the Reserve Bank of India has extended the enhanced borrowing facility for banks under MSF?
  • [A] January 2021
  • [B] March 2021
  • [C] April 2021
  • [D] June 2021
  1. Which organisation has announced to make available to 120 million rapid-diagnostic tests for Covid-19?
  • [A] UNICEF
  • [B] WHO
  • [C] UNESCO
  • [D] World Bank
  1. Which astronomical observatory of India has completed five years of mapping stars?
  • [A] Astrosat
  • [B] Risat
  • [C] Cartosat
  • [D] South Asian Satellite
  1. Which country has announced plans to distribute 150 million rapid Covid-19 test kits?
  1. Which body has ordered to provide dry ration to all sex workers in the country without insisting on ration card?
  • [A] National Commission on Women
  • [B] Supreme Court of India
  • [C] National Administrative Tribunal
  • [D] National Human Rights Commission
  1. Serum Institute of India in collaboration with “Gavi” and which other organization has aimed to produce 100 million additional doses of Covid-19 vaccine?
  • [A] UNDP
  • [B] WHO
  • [C] UNICEF
  • [D] Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  1. India is set to acquire 72,000 assault rifles from which country?

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