October MCQs Current Affairs – 2020

by Mr. DJ

Best 200+ Current Affairs MCQ’s October 2020 PDF: 200+ Current Affairs Oct 2020: October Month Best MCQs Current Affairs

  1. The Cabinet has approved MoUs between which organisation and its counterparts in Malaysia and Papua New Guinea?
  • [A] Indian Space Research Organisation
  • [B] Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • [C] Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
  • [D] Geological Survey of India
  1. The United States is to sell advanced air-to-ground missiles worth USD 1 bn to which country?
  • [A] India
  • [B] Taiwan
  • [C] Israel
  • [D] United Arab Emirates
  1. Low-cost Covid-19 test unit ‘COVIRAP’, which was approved by ICMR, was developed by which institution?
  • [A] IIT Chennai
  • [B] IIT Kharagpur
  • [C] AIIMS
  • [D] JIPMER
  1. Which phase of the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) is to commence from January 2021?
  • [A] Second
  • [B] Third
  • [C] Fourth
  • [D] Fifth
  1. As per the recent notification from the RBI, banks can deploy money drawn from 1 trillion-ontap TLTRO in how many sectors?
  • [A] Two
  • [B] Four
  • [C] Six
  • [D] Ten
  1. “Life in Miniature” project, that was seen in news recently, is a collaboration between National Museum, Delhi and which company?
  • [A] Microsoft
  • [B] Google
  • [C] Facebook
  • [D] Amazon
  1. ‘Right of First Refusal (RoFR)’, that was seen in news recently, is associated with which field?
  • [A] Medicine
  • [B] Shipping
  • [C] Environment
  • [D] Education
  1. Which state is to observe ‘COVID-19 – No Tolerance Fortnight’, to fight Covid-19?
  • [A] West Bengal
  • [B] Mizoram
  • [C] Bihar
  • [D] Arunachal Pradesh
  1. The permanent campus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar was inaugurated. In which state is the institution located?
  • [A] Rajasthan
  • [B] Punjab
  • [C] Uttar Pradesh
  • [D] Haryana
  1. Who represented India addressed the first-ever Ministerial Meeting of G-20 Anti-Corruption Working Group?

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