October MCQs Current Affairs – 2020

by Mr. DJ

Best 200+ Current Affairs MCQ’s October 2020 PDF: 200+ Current Affairs Oct 2020: October Month Best MCQs Current Affairs

  1. In which month is the Wildlife Week celebrated in India?
  • [A] September
  • [B] October
  • [C] November
  • [D] December
  1. Which state Government launched the Kisan Rath Mobile App to promote buyer-seller network?
  • [A] Karnataka
  • [B] Assam
  • [C] Meghalaya
  • [D] Gujarat
  1. The Election Commission of which country has declared its Parliamentary elections invalid?
  • [A] Pakistan
  • [B] Kyrgyzstan
  • [C] Afghanistan
  • [D] Kuwait
  1. Who has been appointed as the new Director General of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS)?
  • [A] M.A. Ganapathy
  • [B] Sylendra Babu
  • [C] Rakesh Asthana
  • [D] Vijay Kumar
  1. API integration of the PM SVANidhi Portal has been launched with the eMudra portal of which bank?
  • [A] Punjab National Bank
  • [B] State Bank of India
  • [C] Axis Bank
  • [D] ICICI Bank
  1. Which financial institution has issued guidelines for Product labelling in Mutual Funds?
  • [A] RBI
  • [B] SEBI
  • [C] IRDAI
  • [D] PFRDA
  1. ‘MSME Prerana’, that was seen in the news recently, is a programme launched by which bank?
  • [A] Indian Overseas Bank
  • [B] Indian Bank
  • [C] Bank of Maharashtra
  • [D] Union Bank of India
  1. The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to two Scientists for which field of
  • Chemistry?
  • [A] Genome editing
  • [B] Bio Chemistry
  • [C] Electro Chemistry
  • [D] Quantum Chemistry
  1. Which Indian company has partnered with Ericsson to deploy 5G radio and transport solutions?
  • [A] Jio
  • [B] Airtel
  • [C] BSNL
  • [D] Tata
  1. The Union Cabinet has approved an MoU with which country for the exchange of knowledge and technology on cyber-security?

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