October MCQs Current Affairs – 2020

by Mr. DJ

Best 200+ Current Affairs MCQ’s October 2020 PDF: 200+ Current Affairs Oct 2020: October Month Best MCQs Current Affairs

  1. Which country is set to start ‘Human challenge’ trials to fast-track COVID-19 vaccine search?
  • [A] India
  • [B] United Kingdom
  • [C] United States
  • [D] Russia
  1. As per Solvent Extractors’ Association, the import of which product has decreased by 12 percent during this oil year in India?
  • [A] Edible Oil
  • [B] Soy Bean
  • [C] Oil Cakes
  • [D] Rapeseed
  1. Which country has become the first to use facial verification in its national ID database?
  • [A] Malaysia
  • [B] Russia
  • [C] Singapore
  • [D] Russia
  1. Japan recently signed a pact to export defence technology to which country?
  • [A] Vietnam
  • [B] China
  • [C] Thailand
  • [D] Israel
  1. What is ‘OSIRIS-Rex’ that was seen in news recently?
  • [A] Space craft
  • [B] Submarine
  • [C] Covid-19 vaccine
  • [D] Anti-tank missile
  1. Which state has the best Anaemia Mukt Bharat (AMB) Index among 29 states in the country?
  • [A] Kerala
  • [B] Haryana
  • [C] Tamil Nadu
  • [D] Maharashtra
  1. The Union Cabinet has approved MoU with which country on cooperation in space exploration?
  • [A] Finland
  • [B] Nigeria
  • [C] Switzerland
  • [D] Argentina
  1. ‘Portraits of Power’ is the autobiography of which famous Indian personality?
  • [A] N K Singh
  • [B] Ajay Narayan Jha
  • [C] Rajiv Verma
  • [D] Ashok Lahiri
  1. When is Police Commemoration Day observed every year in India?
  • [A] October 19
  • [B] October 20
  • [C] October 21
  • [D] October 22
  1. Which regulatory body has recently introduced framework for regulatory sandbox?

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