( Best 150+ ) Accounting for Management MCQ

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Accounting for Management MCQ

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Given below are Accounting for Management MCQ with answers. These MCQs are equally useful for managerial accounting, accounting for managers & accounting for management subject. This is also useful to explore subtopics like Financial Statements, Budgeting, cost accounting, marginal costing, corporate accounting etc.

Accounting for Management MCQ

MBA, BBA, B Com, M Com, MMS, PGDBM, PGDM, BA, MA and CA students can use these multiple choice questions for university exams. These solved MA MCQ sets are also helpful for entrance exams like UPSC, UGC NET, SET, MPSC etc.

Accounting for Management MCQ

31. The following is a recorded fact

A. market value of investment

B. debtors

C. replacement cost

D. none

32. The term current assets does not include

A. payment in advance

B. bills receivable

C. long term deferred charges

D. none of these

33. In case of a limited company, the term financial statements includes………

A. profit and loss account

B. profit and loss account, profit and loss appropriation account and balance sheet

C. balance sheet

D. none

34. Assets and liabilities in a Balance sheet may be arranged in the order of …..

A. liquidity

B. permanence

C. both of these

D. none of these

35. Income statement matches the …………… incurred in the accounting year

A. revenue and costs

B. incomes and expenses

C. both of these

D. none of these

36. …………..are statements of financial position at different periods

A. comparative statements

B. common size statements

C. both of these

D. none

37. An increase in current asset accompanied by the increase in current
liabilities of the same amount will…………………

A. improve short term financial position

B. not improve short term financial position

C. improve long term financial position

D. none of these

38. Which among the following is an example for horizontal analysis ?

A. comparative balance sheet

B. comparative income statement

C. common size statements

D. a & b

39. If the Gross sales of a concern is Rs.200000 and sales return is 20000,
Gross profit is 150000.cost of goods sold is……………………..

A. 150000

B. 30000

C. 50000

D. none of these

40. Given opening stock is Rs.20000, Direct expenses 10000, Closing stock
5000.Cost of goods sold is ……………………

A. 25000

B. 35000

C. 15000

D. 20000

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