( Best 150+ ) Accounting for Management MCQ

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Accounting for Management MCQ

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Given below are Accounting for Management MCQ with answers. These MCQs are equally useful for managerial accounting, accounting for managers & accounting for management subject. This is also useful to explore subtopics like Financial Statements, Budgeting, cost accounting, marginal costing, corporate accounting etc.

Accounting for Management MCQ

MBA, BBA, B Com, M Com, MMS, PGDBM, PGDM, BA, MA and CA students can use these multiple choice questions for university exams. These solved MA MCQ sets are also helpful for entrance exams like UPSC, UGC NET, SET, MPSC etc.

Accounting for Management MCQ

51. Which among the following do not result in the flow of fund /

A. depreciation of fixed assets

B. goodwill written off

C. transfer to general reserve

D. all of these

52. Fund flow refers to changes in ————- capital

A. fixed

B. working

C. both of these

D. none of these

53. Net profit earned plus non working capital expenses is equal to …………..

A. fund provided by operations

B. use of funds

C. sinking fund

D. none of these

54. ……………….refers to firms investment in current assets.

A. working capital

B. gross working capital

C. net working capital

D. all of these

55. ……………..means excess of current assets over current liabilities.

A. working capital

B. gross working capital

C. net working capital

D. all of these

56. ……………….means cash and other assets which are expected to be sold or
consumed during the normal operating cycle of business.

A. liquid assets

B. quick assets

C. cash equivalents

D. current assets

57. Which among the following asset is excluded from current assets ?

A. loose tools

B. accounts receivable

C. short term investments with bank

D. finished goods

58. Which transaction results in flow of funds ?

A. transaction involve only fixed assets

B. transaction involve only current assets

C. all of these

D. none of these

59. There will be flow of funds, if a transaction involves………………..

A. current assets and fixed assets

B. current assets and capital

C. current assets and fixed liabilities

D. all of these

60. The flow of funds occurs when a transaction changes on the one hand a
non current account and on the other hand a …………..

A. current asset

B. current liability

C. a or b

D. none of these

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