( Best 30+ ) Theories of Output and Employment MCQ

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Theories of Output and Employment MCQ

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theories of output and employment pdf | classical theory of income, output and employment pdf | classical theory of output and employment | under keynesian theory employment and output is determined by | classical theory of output and employment – ppt | classical theory of income and employment with diagram | classical theory of employment | determination of output and employment keynesian
Theories of Output and Employment MCQ

Theories of Output and Employment MCQ

11. Saving is a function of

A. Export

B. Import

C. Investment

D. Income

12. Entrepreneurs will have no tendency to expand or contract output and employment when




D. None of the above

13. The slope of the consumption function is called





14. The concept of effective demand is associated with the name of

A. Marshall

B. Keynes

C. Krugman

D. Say

15. Psychological law of consumption states that the value of MPC is lies between zero and

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

16. Net investment is also known as

A. Depreciation

B. Induced investment

C. Autonomous investment

D. Capital formation

17. In the saving function S = -a + 1-b(Y), the term ‘b’ denotes

A. Saving




18. Who propounded Psychological law of consumption

A. Adam Smith

B. Ricardo

C. Keynes

D. Pigou

19. When MPS = 0.2, MPC will be

A. 0.8

B. 0.2

C. 1.2

D. 20

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