Business Communication MCQs

( Best 250+ ) Business Communication MCQ

Business Communication MCQ

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Business Communication MCQ

Business Communication MCQ

1. Communication is derived from a Latin word “Communis” which means

A. community

B. share

C. common

D. marxist

2. Communication starts with:

A. message

B. sender

C. channel

D. feedback

3. The number of key elements in the communication process is :

A. five

B. six

C. seven

D. four

4. The two broad areas of communication are:

A. oral and written communication

B. verbal and written communication

C. verbal and non-verbal communication

D. oral and non-verbal communication

5. Which of the following are examples of oral communication?

A. meetings, memos and presentations

B. meetings, memos and performance reviews

C. meetings, presentations and performance reviews

D. reports, presentations and performance reviews

6. Which of the following are examples of written communication?

A. letters and voicemail

B. reports and email

C. circulars and voicemail

D. presentations and email

7. All the following are external stakeholders of an organization, except:

A. media

B. government

C. suppliers

D. shareholders

8. Functional coordination is one important reason for communicating with:

A. superiors

B. peers

C. subordinates

D. employees’ unions

9. Communication with superiors involves:

A. problem solving

B. disciplinary matters

C. welfare aspects

D. public relations

10. Listening has been identified as one of the “seven habits of highly effective
people” by :

A. lundsteen

B. stephen covey

C. lee iacocca

D. tom peters

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