( Best 200+ ) Basics of Economics MCQ

by Mr. DJ

Basics of Economics MCQ

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Basics of Economics MCQ

Basics of Economics MCQ

91. Which of the following is true?

A. gnp + depreciation = nnp

B. gnp = gdp + net factor income from abroad

C. ndp = gnp minus net indirect taxes

D. nnp = dgp minus depreciation

92. NNP is equal to:

A. gnp plus depreciation

B. gnp minus depreciation

C. gnp minus exports

D. gnp plus exports

93. Which of the following is not a method of national income estimation?

A. matrix method

B. income method

C. expenditure method

D. product method

94. An accounting year in India is:

A. calendar year

B. academic year

C. fiscal year

D. none of these

95. Increase in real National Income (NI) means increase in:

A. ni at current prices

B. ni at constant prices

C. both

D. none of these

96. Net indirect taxes means:

A. indirect taxes plus subsidies

B. income minus taxes

C. indirect taxes minus subsidies

D. exports minus imports

97. Net factor income from abroad shows the difference between:

A. gdp and ndp

B. nnp and ndp

C. gnp and gdp

D. gnp and nnp

98. Per capita income is equal to:

A. population/national income

B. national income/population

C. national income/gdp

D. nnp/gnp

99. National income in India is estimated by:

A. rbi

B. nsso

C. cso

D. world bank

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