( Best 200+ ) Basics of Economics MCQ

by Mr. DJ

Basics of Economics MCQ

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Basics of Economics MCQ

Basics of Economics MCQ

101. Pick the odd one out:

A. real national income

B. ni at constant price

C. ni at current prices

D. ni at base year price

102. GDP deflator is given by:

A. nominal ni/real ni

B. nominal dgp/real gdp

C. nominal gdp/ nominal gnp

D. real gdp/real gnp

103. Value of output minus intermediate consumption is:

A. depreciation

B. value added

C. net value added

D. net exports

104. Personal income minus personal taxes is:

A. national income

B. private income

C. disposable income

D. per capita income

105. National income is a ——–variable.

A. flow

B. stock

C. static

D. dynamic

106. In India, National income is estimated at:

A. current prices

B. constant prices

C. both current and constant prices

D. none of these

107. Which of the following is true:

A. gdp is a geographical concept

B. gdp is not a geographical concept

C. gdp and gnp are same

D. none of them

108. GNP measured in terms of current market prices is called:

A. nominal gnp

B. real gnp

C. both

D. none

109. In India, the current base year is:

A. 1980-81

B. 1993-94

C. 1999-2000

D. 2004-05

110. Which of the following doest not include in the group?

A. gdp

B. gnp

C. gva

D. ndp

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