( Best 200+ ) Basics of Economics MCQ

by Mr. DJ

Basics of Economics MCQ

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Basics of Economics MCQ

Basics of Economics MCQ

141. The proportion between total income and total consumption is called:

A. average propensity to consume

B. average propensity to save

C. marginal propensity to consume

D. marginal propensity to save

142. The proportion between incremental income and incremental
consumption is called:

A. apc

B. aps

C. mpc

D. mps

143. The proportion between total income and total saving is called:

A. apc

B. aps

C. mpc

D. mps

144. 1- MPC is called:

A. apc

B. aps

C. mpc

D. mps

145. APC + APS is equal to:

A. 0

B. >0

C. 1

D. <0

146. Multiplier is obtained by:

A. 1 – mpc

B. 1/1- mps

C. 1/1- apc

D. 1/1-mpc

147. Exports minus imports is termed as:

A. net income

B. net imports

C. net exports

D. national income

148. As income increases consumption also increases, but:

A. proportionately

B. more than proportionately

C. less than proportionately

D. equally

149. The expected return on investment is called:

A. marginal propensity to save

B. marginal propensity to consume

C. marginal revenue

D. marginal efficiency of investment

150. Marginal efficiency of investment curve is:

A. slopping downwards

B. slopping upwards

C. parallel to x axis

D. parallel to y axis

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