Geography MCQs Questions and Answers

by Mr. DJ
  1. Which mountains form the eastern and western edges of the Deccan plateau?
    A. Eastern and Western Ghats
    B. Himalayas
    C. Urals
    D. Hindu Kush

  1. What is the name of the boundary that separated India from Pakistan, set in 1947?
    A. Radcliffe Line
    B. Plimsoll Line
    C. Green Line
    D Durand Line

  1. Which of the following is NOT found in India?
    A. glacier
    B. iceberg
    C. desert
    D. lagoon

  1. How many oceans touch the Indian mainland?
    A. none
    B. 1
    C. 2
    D. 3

  1. What is the population of India?
    A. 500 thousand
    B. 500 million
    C. 930 thousand
    D. 930 million

  1. This is the capital of India.
    A. New Delhi
    B. Bombay
    C. Belfast
    D. none of the above

  1. India has the _________ largest population on Earth.
    A. second
    B. third
    C. fourth
    D. fifth

  1. Which mountains separate India from Asia and China?
    A. Andes Mountains
    B. Mt.McKinley
    C. Himalayan Mountains

  1. India and Sri lanka are separated by the ___ strait.
    A.Laccadive Sea
    B.Amchitka Pass
    C.Palk Strait
    D.Colvos Passage

  1. In which year was the McMahon Line put in effect?

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