Geography MCQs Questions and Answers

by Mr. DJ
  1. Which among the following tunnel connects France and Italy?
    A. Mont Blanc Tunnel
    B. St. Gothard Tunnel
    C. Queens way Tunnel
    D. Orange Fish Rivers Tunnel

  1. KKS Harbour is located in:
    A. Jafna
    B. Seoul
    C. Kolkata
    D. Chennai

  1. Which of the following country is the largest producer of Uranium?
    A. Australia
    B. Canada
    C. Russia
    D. France

  1. Which among the following is the correct distance from the coast is known as Territorial waters?
    A. 20 Nautical Miles
    B. 30 Nautical Miles
    C. 12 Nautical Miles
    D. 15 Nautical Miles

  1. “Qomolangm” refers to which among the following peaks?
    A. Mount Kailash
    B. Mount Everest
    C. K2
    D. Kangchenjunga

  1. “Carnauba wax” is produced in which country?
    A. Brazil
    B. Egypt
    C. Japan
    D. South Korea

  1. The ONLY active volcano of South Asia is located in which of the following countries?
    A. India
    B. Sri Lanka
    C. Maldives
    D. Mauritius

  1. Asthenosphere is located at?
    A. Above stratosphere
    B. Below Ionsphere
    C. Below Lithosphere
    D. Above Lithosphere


  1. Which among the following is the correct location of the Chukchi Sea?
    A. Western Pacific Ocean
    B. North Atlantic Ocean
    C. Southern Pacific Ocean
    D. Arctic Ocean

  1. Makran is located in which among the following?
    A. Arabian Sea
    B. Indian Ocean near the southern coast of Sri Lanka
    C. Bay of Bengal
    D. Mediterranean Sea

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