( Best 325+ ) Ancient History One Liner

by Mr. DJ

241 .With which religion is Jivaka Chintamani, the glorious treatise in Tamil, related?



242 .Gautam Buddha was born in:



243 .People of the Indus Civilization were unacquainted with:



244 .Among the Indus Valley Civilization cities of Harappa, Mohenjodaro, and Lothal, which one is located in India?



245 .Why is Sanchi famous?

Answer:-Largest Buddhist Stupa


246 .Which ruler constructed the Iron Pillar near the Qutb Minar?

Answer:-Chandragupta II


247 .Patanjali, the great grammarian of ancient India, was a contemporary of:

Answer:-Pusyamitra Sunga


248 .Where did Buddha deliver his first sermon ?



249 .Many among the Greek, Kushana and Saka rulers adopted Buddhism in place of the Hindu religion because:

Answer:-they were not attracted towards Hinduism which was marked by caste system


250 .In which metals were maximum coins circulated during the Gupta period?



251 .The social structure of the Harappan people was that of:

Answer:-fairly egalitarian


252 .The court language of the Gupta rulers was:



253 .The Harappan people were the first in the production of:



254 .Who had faith in the belief in action, change of soul into body and attainment of Nirvana (salvation)?

Answer:-Gautam Buddha


255 .Among Samudragupta, Chandragupta, Kumara-gupta and Skandagupta, who was the Gupta ruler to thwart the Huns from invading India?


256 .Who drove the Greeks out of India?

Answer:-Chandragupta Maurya


257 .Who began the famous ‘Silk Route’ for the Indians?



258 .By which name were the religious teachers opposed to Vedas and Brahmanism known as in the post-Vedic period?



259 .During whose rule did both Buddha and Mahavira preach their discourses?



260 .In which ancient text can the origin of Indian Music be traced?

Answer:-In Sama Veda literature

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