( Best 325+ ) Ancient History One Liner

by Mr. DJ

141 .The advent of Aryans in India is associated with:

Answer:-2500-2000 B.C.


142 .Digambar is a sect of which religion?



143 .The commencement of Kali era is associated with:

Answer:-3102 B.C.


144 .The Greek ambassador sent to the court of Chandragupta Maurya was:



145 .The Chinese pilgrim visited India during the reign of Harshavardhana was

Answer:-Hiuen Tsang

Ancient History is one of the important Section in all competitive Exams, Gk By Mr Dj today share Indian History One Liner. .Ancient History.

146 .The religion, which preached “Desire is the cause for all sufferings” is



147 .The university which became famous during the post-Gupta period was:

Answer:-Nalanda University


148 .The first grammarian of the Sanskrit language was



149 .In whose honour did Harshavardhana organize the Kannauj assembly?



150 .Sanchi reflects the sculptural art of which religion?


151 .Among the Mauryan, Gupta, Kushana and Kanva dynasties, which one is the earliest?



152 .Which is also known as the ‘Vedanta’?



153 .Among Sir John Marshall, R.D. Banerjee, Alexander Cunningham and Dayaram Sahni, who first discovered the Harappan Civilization?

Answer:-Dayaram Sahni


154 .During which period was the standing statue of Buddha made?

Answer:-Kushana Period


155 .The storyline described in the Ajanta paintings is from:

Answer:-Jataka tales


156 .The first reference of Ayurveda or Science of Life is found in:

Answer:-Atharva Veda


157 .Which scholar has considered the Arctic region as the place of origin of the Aryans?

Answer:-Bal Gangadhar Tilak


158 .Anand was the favourite disciple of Buddha. He was from:



159 .Who was the Mauryan ruler who evinced interest in the Ajivika sect?



160 .What was the ancient name of Ujjain?


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