( Best 325+ ) Ancient History One Liner

by Mr. DJ

61 .The Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in –



62 .Amri, a Harappan site, is located in the province of



63 .In the early Vedic period, a ‘Samiti’ was a

Answer:-Popular Assembly


64 .At which place was the Buddhist Council organized during the reign of Kanishka?



65 .At which place was the first Buddhist Council organized?



66 .Whose invasion dealt a deathblow to the thriving trade relations between India and Roman Empire?

Answer:-The Huns


67 .The King who called himself ‘Devanampriya’ and ‘Priyadarshi’was



68 .Where are the caves of Bhimbetka, famous for rock paintings, situated?

Answer:-Madhya Pradesh


69 .Which type of Prakrit was uniformly employed by Asoka in all his inscriptions?



70 .People of the Indus Valley Civilization worshipped:



71 .Which historian, for the first time, expounded the hypothesis that the Aryans invaded India from the northwest of India and destroyed the Indus Valley Civilization?



72 .In which state of India is the Shore Temple situated?

Answer:-Tamil Nadu


73 .What was the chief source of livelihood of the Indus people?



74 .The main food of Vedic Aryans was:

Answer:-Barley and Rice


75 .Suvarna Prabhas Sutra is associated with:

Answer:-Saiva Religion

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76 .Which dynasty ruled over Magadha after the fall of the Nanda dynasty?



77 .Whose accomplishments are mentioned in the Allahabad Inscription?



78 .From where has the Great Granary of Harappan Civilization been found?



79 .Three Jewels (Triratna) Principle understood as samyakdarshana (“right faith”), samyakjnana (“right knowledge”), and samyakcharitra (“right conduct”) is associated with:



80 .What is the fundamental difference between Mahayana and Hinayana sects of Buddhism?

Answer:-Worship of Gods and Goddesses

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