( Best 325+ ) Ancient History One Liner

by Mr. DJ

261 .Whom did Asoka send to foreign countries for the propagation of Buddhism?

Answer:-Mahendra and Sanghamitra


262 .Among Barley, Wheat, Rice and Tobacco, which crop was unknown to the Vedic people?



263 .With which event of the Buddha’s life is the bull associated inBuddhism?



264 .The Indus Valley people generally used to build their houses made of:

Answer:-Burnt bricks


265 .Which principle is not common between Buddhism and Jainism?

Answer:-Self-repression or mortification


266 .Which Gupta emperor styled himself as “Kavi Raja”?



267 .Who started the Saka Era which is used by the Government of India?



268 .In the context of Indian literary works, what is Digha Nikaya?

Answer:-A famous Buddhist text in Pali


269 .In how many classes was the Indian society divided by Megasthenes?



270 .Which wife of Emperor Asoka exerted great influence on him?


271 .When did the Vikram Samvat (Era) commence?

Answer:-57 B.C.


272 .Both Buddhism and Jainism believed that:

Answer:-the principles of Karma and Rebirth are true


273 .Who was the first known ruler of the Gupta dynasty?

Answer:-Sri Gupta


274 .Which domestic animal was conspicuously absent in the terracotta of the Indus Valley Civilization?



275 .Where was Parsvanath, the 23rd Tirthankara, born?



276 .To which historical period did the Indus Valley Civilization belong?

Answer:-Bronze Age


277 .The Aryans were successful in their conflicts with the non-Aryans because:

Answer:-they used chariots drawn by horses


278 .Which was the most ancient university?

Answer:-Nalanda University


279 .From which metal were the tools and arms of Harappan Culture generally made?

Answer:-Copper, Tin and Bronze


280 .Among Ajatshatru, Udayin, Bimbisara and Bindusara, which ruler belonged to the Mauryan dynasty?


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