( Best 325+ ) Ancient History One Liner

by Mr. DJ

21 .Why is the ancient site of Malhar in Chandauli Janapada famous?

Answer:-It has yielded remains of Budhha Stupas


22 .In the third century B.C, Warangal was famous for:

Answer:-for Ivory work


23 .The most significant feature of the Indus Valley Civilization was

Answer:-Town Planning


24 .The script of the Indus Valley Civilization is

Answer:-Pictorial and Undeciphered


25 .Who gave the slogan of ‘Live and let live’?

Answer:-Lord Mahavira


26 .Among copper, bronze, iron and terracotta, which material was mainly used in the minting of Harappan coin?



27 .With which centre of learning was Chanakya, the famous mentor of Chandragupta Maurya, associated?



28 .On the bank of which river is Harappa situated?



29 .The most sacred river in the Rig Veda was:



30 .Which Veda says that the origin of battle/war takes place in mind?

Answer:-Atharva Veda

Ancient History is one of the important Section in all competitive Exams, Gk By Mr Dj today share Indian History One Liner. .Ancient History.

31 .The description of the way of execution of Vedic activities is found in:



32 .Which part of China was not conquered by Kanishka?



33 .Which deities have been mentioned in the 1400 B.C. inscription found from Bogaz Koi in Asia Minor?

Answer:-Indra, Varun, Mitra and Naitasya


34 .Which era/period is also known as Chalcolithic Age?

Answer:-Copper Stone Age


35 .The ‘Jatakas’ are the sacred texts of:



36 .Mention the centre of the Roman trade during the Sangam Age.



37 .Which region of India was known as Avantika in the ancient times?



38 .Who was known as Indian Napoleon ?



39 .Gandhara Art is the synthesis of:

Answer:-Indian and Greek art


40 .Among Xerxes, Alexander, Darius-I and Seleucus, who was the first to invade India?


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