( Best 325+ ) Ancient History One Liner

by Mr. DJ

81 .Which archaeologist made the initial discovery of the Indus Valley Civilization city of Mohenjodaro?

Answer:-Rakhal Das Banerjee


82 .The major contribution of Chola dynasty in the field of administration is:

Answer:-well-organized local self government


83 .Which word has been used in Jainism for complete knowledge?



84 .Who is considered as the author of Hindu Law?



85 .The famous ruler of ancient India who adopted Jainism in the last days of his life was:

Answer:-Chandragupta Maurya


86 .Which dynasty immediately succeeded the Maurya dynasty and ruled Magadha Kingdom?



87 .Who murdered the last Sunga ruler, Devahuti?

Answer:-Brahmin Minister Vasudeva Kanva


88 .Which is the only Indus site with an artificial dockyard?



89 .The capital of the ancient Chola kingdom was



90 .Who was nominated by Lord Buddha to lead the Buddhist Sangha before his death?


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91 .Influenced by which Buddhist monk did Asoka adopt Buddhism?



92 .Among Ropar, Kalibangan, Lothal and Banawali, which city was located in Gujarat?



93 .The discovery of scale has established the acquaintance of Indus Valley people with weights and measures. At which place were these discovered?



94 .During the Gupta rule, who among Bhanugupta, Vagbhatt, Aryabhatta and Varahamihira was both a great mathematician and astronomer?



95 .Where was Lord Mahavira born?

Answer:-Kundgram, Vaishali


96 .Harshavardhana ruled during

Answer:-7th century A.D.


97 .With which religion is the subject matter of Ajanta paintings associated?



98 .The Buddhist monk who spread Buddhism in Tibet was



99 .The political and cultural centre of the Pandyans was:



100 .What is the difference between ‘chaitya’ and ‘vihara’?

Answer:-Chaitya is a place of worship, while Vihara is the place of residence

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