( Best 500+ ) Behavioural and Allied Sciences MCQ

by Mr. DJ

Behavioural and Allied Sciences MCQ

Behavioural and Allied Sciences MCQ

Behavioural and Allied Sciences MCQ

21. A part of neuron that conducts the action potential away from the cell body is

  1. myelin sheath
  2. synapse
  3. nodes of ranvier
  4. axon


Correct answer: (D) axon

22. ______________ cells are present only in PNS.

  1. schwann
  2. oligodendroglia
  3. microglia
  4. astrocytes


Correct answer: (A) schwann

23. Drugs that inhibit a neuron from firing are called ______________

  1. agonists
  2. receptors
  3. transmitters
  4. antagonists


Correct answer: (D) antagonists

24. The portion of ANS that reduces heart and breathing rates after a stressful encounter is

  1. parasympathetic
  2. somantic
  3. autonomic
  4. sympathetic


Correct answer: (A) parasympathetic

25. ______________ divides two cerebral hemispheres.

  1. transverse fissure
  2. lateral fissure
  3. longitudinal fissure
  4. bilateral fissures


Correct answer: (C) longitudinal fissure

26. The area responsible for the production of speech is called as ______________

  1. wernicks area
  2. wernicks aphasia
  3. brocas area
  4. brocas aphasia


Correct answer: (C) brocas area

27. Which of the following plays a major role in fear :

  1. amygdala
  2. hippocampus
  3. thalamus
  4. midbrain


Correct answer: (A) amygdala

28. Network of neuron that runs through the core of hindbrain and into the midbrain and forebrain

  1. Corpus Callosum
  2. Septum pelludium
  3. Reticular activating system
  4. Hypothallamus


Correct answer: (C) Reticular activating system

29. The First stage of General adaptation syndrome

  1. Resistance stage
  2. Exhaustion stage
  3. Alarm Stage
  4. Flight stage


Correct answer: (C) Alarm Stage

30. The purpose of immune system is to

  1. Help germs invade our body
  2. Fight off sickness
  3. Make your nose run
  4. Helps to maintain body weight


Correct answer: (B) Fight off sickness

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