( Best 225+ ) Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

Business Statistics MCQ

141. Weighted G.M. of relative formula satisfy test

A. Time Reversal Test

B. Circular test

C. Factor Reversal Test

D. None

142. Factor Reversal test is satisfied by:

A. Fisher’s Ideal Index

B. Laspeyres Index

C. Paasches Index

D. None

143. Laspeyre’s formula does not obey:

A. Factor Reversal Test

B. Time Reversal Test

C. Circular Test

D. None

144. A ratio or an average of ratios expressed as a percentage is called

A. a relative no

B. an absolute no.

C. an index no.

D. none

145. The value at the base time period serves as the standard point of comparison

A. False

B. True

C. Both

D. None

146. An index time series is a list of nos. for two or more periods of time

A. Index

B. Absolute

C. Relative

D. None

147. Index nos. are often constructed from the

A. Frequency

B. Class

C. Sample

D. None

148. __________ is a point of reference in comparing various data describing individual behavior.

A. Sample

B. Base period

C. Estimation

D. None

149. The ratio of price of single commodity in a given period to its price in another
period is called the

A. base period

B. price ratio

C. relative price

D. none

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