( Best 225+ ) Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

Business Statistics MCQ

61. In the class intervals 40 – 50, 50 – 60, the number 50 is included in which of the following?

A. 40 – 50

B. 30 – 40

C. 50 – 60

D. 60 – 70

62. If each observation of the data is increased by 5, then what happens to its mean?

A. is increased by 4

B. is increased by 5

C. is decreased by 4

D. is decreased by 5

Unit 2

63. The measurements of spread or scatter of the individual values around the central point is called:

A. Measures of dispersion

B. Measures of central tendency

C. Measures of skewness

D. Measures of kurtosis

64. The scatter in a series of values about the average is called:

A. Central tendency

B. Dispersion

C. Skewness

D. Symmetry

65. The measures used to calculate the variation present among the observations in the unit of
the variable is called:

A. Relative measures of dispersion

B. Coefficient of skewness

C. Absolute measures of dispersion

D. Coefficient of variation

66. The measures used to calculate the variation present among the observations relative to their average is called:

A. Coefficient of kurtosis

B. Absolute measures of dispersion

C. Quartile deviation

D. Relative measures of dispersion

67. The degree to which numerical data tend to spread about an average value called:

A. Constant

B. Flatness

C. Variation

D. Skewness

68. The measures of dispersion can never be:

A. Positive

B. Zero

C. Negative

D. Equal to 2

69. If all the scores on examination cluster around the mean, the dispersion is said to be:

A. Small

B. Large

C. Normal

D. Symmetrical

70. If there are many extreme scores on all examination, the dispersion is:

A. Large

B. Small

C. Normal

D. Symmetric

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