( Best 225+ ) Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

Business Statistics MCQ

151. When the price of a divided by the price of the preceding year, we, get:

A. Value index

B. Link relative

C. Simple relative

D. None of them

152. The most appropriate average in averaging the price relatives is:

A. Median

B. Harmonic mean

C. Arithmetic mean

D. Geometric mean

153. In constructing index number geometric mean relatives are:

A. Non-reversible

B. Reciprocal

C. Reversible

D. None of them

154. The general purchasing power of the currency of a country is determined by:

A. Retail price index

B. Volume index

C. Composite index

D. Whole-sale price index

155. What type of index number can help the government to formulate its price policies and to take appropriate economic measures to control prices:

A. Whole sale price index

B. Consumer’s price

C. Quantity

D. None of them

156. Which of the following is a component of timer series;

A. Secular trend

B. Correlation

C. Regression

D. Consumer price index

157. Which of the following is a method of measuring trend:

A. Freehand curve

B. Bar graph

C. Histogram

D. System Analysis

158. Cyclical variations are caused by

A. Trade business cycles

B. Elections

C. Changes in foreign exchange

D. Changes in interest rates

159. Periodic movements with duration longer than a year are called

A. Seasonal movements

B. Cyclic movements

C. Social movements

D. Cultural movements

160. Seasonal variations are short term variations with period

A. less than 6 months

B. less than 5 years

C. less than 1 year

D. more than 10 years

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