( Best 225+ ) Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

Business Statistics MCQ

202. The Correlation coefficient between two variables is the………………..of their regression coefficients.

A. Arithmetic mean

B. Geometric mean

C. Harmonic mean

D. None of these

203. The percent of the total variation of the dependent variable Y explained by the set of independent variables X is measured by:

A. Coefficient of Correlation

B. Coefficient of Skewness

C. Coefficient of Determination

D. Standard error

204. The value of the correlation coefficient lies between

A. -1 and +1

B. -1 and 0

C. 0 and 1

D. None

205. A Scatter diagram is considered for measuring

A. Linear relationship between two variables

B. Curvilinear relationship between two variables

C. Neither a or b

D. Both a and b

206. The maximum value of the Rank Correlation coefficient is

A. +1

B. -1

D. None of these

207. What is the purpose of a simple linear regression?

A. To predict scores on a dependent variable from scores on a single independent variable

B. To predict scores on an independent variable from scores on multiple dependent variables

C. To predict scores on a dependent variable from scores on multiple independent variables

D. None of Above

208. If r is the simple correlation coefficient, the quantity 𝑟2 is known as ……………….

A. Coefficient of determination

B. Coefficient of non-determination

C. Coefficient of alienation

D. None of these

209. Asimpleindexnumberis anumberthatmeasures arelativechangein ?

A. group of variable with respect to a base

B. single variable with respect to a base

C. Both A &B

D. None of theabove

210. Which index number is called as ideal index number.

A. Lasperys

B. Paasches

C. Fisher

D. None of Above

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