Modern History One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

This Modern History One Liner Question Answer in English Important Roll For Exams. Questions Of Indian Modern History in One Liner Are….

221 .Which uprising took place in Bengal immediately after the Revolt of1857?

Answer:-Indigo Uprising



222 .Where was the Muslim league founded in 1906?




223 .Who, after having analyzed the causes of 1857 Revolt, advocated cordial relations between the British and Muslims?

Answer:-Syed Ahmed Khan



224 .The Hindustan Socialist republican Army was formed by:

Answer:-Chandrashekhar Azad



225 .Upon whom was the cognomen of ‘Punjab Kesari’ bestowed?

Answer:-Lala Lajpat Rai


226 .India was granted freedom during the British Prime Minister:

Answer:-Clement Attlee



227 .During which movement was ‘Vande Mataram’ used as a slogan for the first time?

Answer:-Partition of Bengal in 1905



228 .Who was the Chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee formed under the 1935 Bill which led to the Government of India Act1935?

Answer:-Lord Linlithgow



229 .Which sides were the rival fighters in the Battle of Naushera in 1823?

Answer:-Sikh Empire & Emirate of Afghanistan



230 .Who announced the ‘Communal Award’?

Answer:-Ramsey McDonald



231 .Name the Governor-General who accepted the view of Macaulay to make English as the medium of instruction.

Answer:-Lord William Bentinck



232 .Who was associated with the suppression of Thugs?

Answer:-Captain Sleeman



233 .Who said: “the congress is tottering to its fall, and one of my great ambitions, while in India, is to assist it to a peaceful demise”?

Answer:-Lord Curzon



234 .Who gave the titie of “Sardar” to Ballabh Bhai Patel ?

Answer:-Mahatma Gandhi



235 .Who was the author of ‘Satyarth Prakash’?

Answer:-Swami Dayananda Saraswati



236 .When was Mohandas Gandhi imprisoned for the first time for the observance of Satyagraha?




237 .During the hegemony of the British East India Company, who succeeded Robert Clive?




238 .What was the summer capital of Tipu Sultan?

Answer:-Mysore Palace



239 .Who led the Salt Satyagraha after Gandhi’s imprisonment?

Answer:-Abbas Taiyyabji



240 .What Satyagraha was held at Nagpur in 1923?

Answer:-Flag Satyagraha

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