Modern History One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

661 .By which principle or means did Gandhiji try to curb economicin equalities?

Answer:-trusteeship principle



662 .In the integration of Princely States, who played a major role?

Answer:-Vallabhbhai Patel and V.P. Menon



663 .Where was the first Arya Samaj established by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1875?




664 .In which year did the Cabinet Mission come to India?




665 .Who played a significant role in the signing of the Gandhi Irwin Pact?

Answer:-Tej Bahadur Sapru



666 .In which year did the Communist Party of India come into existence?

Answer:-26 December 1925



667 .The report of Hunter Commission laid special emphasis on the development of:

Answer:-Primary education



668 .The leaders of the Indigo Revolt were

Answer:-Digambar Biswas & Bishnucharan Biswas



669 .Who proposed the idea of ‘Antyodaya’?

Answer:-Vinoba Bhave



670 .Gandhiji withdraw the Non Cooperation Movement due to

Answer:-Chauri-Chaura Incident



671 .The correct chronological order of the events is:

Answer:-Meerut Conspiracy Case Gandhi Irwin Pact McDonald’s Communal Award



672 .Who was famous as ‘Nana Saheb’?

Answer:-Balaji Bajirao



673 .Tipu Sultan was the ruler of:




674 .Who described Subhash chandra Bose as “Burning Sword of Indian Nationalism”?

Answer:-Jawaharlal Nehru



675 .Who founded the All India Harijan Sangh in 1932?




676 .Who was the Congress President during 1940-46?

Answer:-Maulana Abul Kalam Azad



677 .During British rule, who was instrumental for the introduction of the Ryotwari system in the then Madras Presidency?

Answer:-Thomas Munro



678 .In which state of India was Civil Disobedience Movement launched in1930 by Mahatma Gandhi?




679 .Where was the Ryotwari settlement implemented?

Answer:-Madrasand Bombay



680 .The Adyars were the rulers of the indigenous principality of:


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