Modern History One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

This Modern History One Liner Question Answer in English Important Roll For Exams. Questions Of Indian Modern History in One Liner Are….

141 .Maulana Abul Kalam Azad started an Urdu weekly, titled ‘Al Hilal,’ in1912; but after its ban by the government, he started ‘Al-Balagh’in:




142 .Who gave the theory of drain?

Answer:-Dadabhai Naoroji



143 .The proposal for the partition of India was approved at the Delhi session of the Congress on 14 June 1947. Who presided over this session?

Answer:-Rajendra Prasad



144 .Who presided over the convention of the Benares Hindu Mahasabha in August 1923?

Answer:-Swami Shraddhananda



145 .Who first envisioned the idea of Pakistan?

Answer:-Rahmat Ali



146 .When did the British annex Sindh?




147 .Under whose leadership was the Home Rule started in 1916-16?

Answer:-Tilak and Annie Besant



148 .The first India to become the Governor General of independent India was:

Answer:-C. Rajagopalachari



149 .Which place in India was the headquarters of the Portuguese?




150 .Even after the merger of other princely states to India, which three states delayed their accession to India?

Answer:-Junagadh, Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir


151 .According to Gandhiji, khadi was the symbol of:

Answer:-economic independence



152 .Who was the viceroy of India when the Cripps Mission delegation came to India?

Answer:-Lord Linlithgow



153 .The prefix Mahatma was added before Gandhiji’s  name during:

Answer:-The Champaran Satyagraha



154 .Who was regarded by Gandhiji as his political Guru ?

Answer:-Gopal Krishna Gokhale



155 .On which ground was Oudh annexed to the British Empire by Lord Dalhousie?

Answer:-On grounds of maladministration



156 .Rani Lakshmibai had to face defeat in the last battle against:

Answer:-Hugh Rose



157 .Who founded Madras Presidency which existed till the time of India’s independence?

Answer:-Sir Thomas Munro



158 .The Second Round Table Conference held in London failed under the cover of:

Answer:-Gandhi-Irwin Pact



159 .The Congress ministers resigned after the elections of 1937because:

Answer:-the British government made India a participant in the Second World War without consulting them.



160 .Who were the famous lawyers in the defence committee of INA trial?

Answer:-Bhulabhai Desai, Pandit Nehru, M.A. Jinnah

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