Modern History One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

421 .Which British Viceroy/Governor General played crucial role in the abolition of Sati system in India?

Answer:-Lord Bentinck



422 .By whom and where was the Ramakrishna Mission set up in1896?

Answer:-Belur (Calcutta) Vivekananda



423 .Who founded the ‘Deccan Educational Society’ during India’s freedom struggle?

Answer:-M.G. Ranade



424 .Which British author translated the Bhagvad Gita into English?

Answer:-William Jones



425 .The educated middle class in India:

Answer:-remained neutral in the Revolt of 1857



426 .Who propounded the Panchsheel principles?

Answer:-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru



427 .Who started the Revolt of 1857?




428 .What was the name of fort built by the British in Calcutta?

Answer:-Fort William



429 .What was the purpose behind the visit of Simon Commission to India in1928?

Answer:-to discuss administrative reforms



430 .The name of Lord Cornwallis is related to:

Answer:-Permanent Settlement



431 .The Lucknow Pact of 1916 holds a distinct place in the history of India’s freedom struggle because:

Answer:-of the resolution of differences between the two wings of Congress



432 .What was the basis of choosing 15 August as the date for transfer of power by Lord Mountbatten?

Answer:-It was the anniversary of Japanese surrender before him



433 .Name the literary work which was authored by Raja Ram Mohan Roy:




434 .Bal Gangadhar Tilak was given the title of ‘Lokamanya’ during:

Answer:-Home Rule movement



435 .Battle of Jamrud was fought between Sikhs and Afghans in April 1837 in which Afghans were defeated but an important Sikh general was killed. Who was this Sikh General ?

Answer:-Hari Singh Nalwa


436 .Who was the Congress President at the time of its Benares session in1905?

Answer:-Gopal Krishna Gokhale



437 .Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha was a part of

Answer:-Civil Disobedience Movement



438 .In which year did Bankim Chandra pen down ‘Anandmath’?




439 .Who founded the Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh?

Answer:-Sir Syed Ahmed Khan



440 .The freedom fighter who was popularly known as “Karnataka Gandhi” was:

Answer:-Hadekar Majappa

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