Modern History One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

This Modern History One Liner Question Answer in English Important Roll For Exams. Questions Of Indian Modern History in One Liner Are….

241 .What was the provision in the Poona Pact which was signed between Mahatma Gandhi and the British government in 1932?

Answer:-Provision of Joint electorates along with reservation for Harijans



242 .The Legislative Assembly of Sindh had to decide whether to join the Constituent Assembly of India or not; Baluchistan had to decide upon the question of merger or separation with the Union of India : These are related

Answer:-the Mountbatten Plan



243 .Who was the first to call Mahatma Gandhi as ‘Father of the Nation’?

Answer:-Subhash Chandra Bose



244 .When was the national flag of India first unfurled?

Answer:- August 7, 1906



245 .Name that scholar of the Deoband school who played an important role in the freedom movement:

Answer:-Abul Kalam Azad



246 .Who gave the clarion call of “Delhi Chalo”?

Answer:-Subhash Chandra Bose



247 .Who said, “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.”?

Answer:-Jawaharlal Nehru



248 .Who first used the word ‘adivasi’ to refer to the tribals?

Answer:- Thakkar Bappa



249 .In which year did Vasco-da-Gama reach the coast of Calicut after having first discovered the sea route to India from Europe?

Answer:-1498 A.D.



250 .Who was the first exponent of the principle of passive resistance?

Answer:-Gopal Krishna Gokhale



251 .Who was the Prime Minister of England at the time of the Quit India Movement?

Answer:-Winston Churchill



252 .Who was the editor of ‘Young India’ and ‘Harijan’?

Answer:-Mahatma Gandhi



253 .In which year were Enfield Rifles, which fired with greased bullets, introduced in the Birtish Indian Army?

Answer:-December 1856



254 .Who participated in all the three Round Table conferences?

Answer:-B.R. Ambedkar



255 .Who, among Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Madanlal, Gopal Krishna Gokhale and  Udham Singh, was not an extremist?

Answer:-Gopalkrishna Gokhale


256 .On which date did India receive the Dominion Status?

Answer:-15 August 1947



257 .At which place did the Azad Hind Fauj come into existence in1943?




258 .The Dandi March was started to:

Answer:-break salt laws



259 .Who was the Viceroy at the time of Quit India Movement ?

Answer:-Lord Linlithgow



260 .Under which class were the cultivators of Bihar kept during the Britishrule in India?

Answer:-Three-fold classification

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