Modern History One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

This Modern History One Liner Question Answer in English Important Roll For Exams. Questions Of Indian Modern History in One Liner Are….

101 .Who was the Congress President to hold discussions with both Cripps Mission and Lord Wavell?

Answer:-Abul Kalam Azad



102 .Who coined the name ‘Pakistan’?

Answer:-Choudhry Rehmat Ali



103 .The idea of federation was first proposed in

Answer:-Nehru Report of1928



104 .The Viceroy who became a victim of one of the convicts during his visit to the Andamans was




105 .Who laid the first railway tracks in India?

Answer:-George Clarke


106 .6 April 1930 is known in the Indian History for:

Answer:-The Dandi March of Mahatma Gandhi



107 .Where did Jawaharlal Nehru first unfurl the Indian tricolour?

Answer:-On the banks of Ravi in Lahore in 1929



108 .During the period of which governor general was the Indian National Congress established?

Answer:-Lord Dufferin



109 .Mahatma Gandhi felt that any participation in the Second World War would be a violation of the principle of:

Answer:-Ahimsa (Nonviolence)



110 .For which crime were Bhagat Singh and his friends Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged on 23 March 1931?

Answer:-Lahore conspiracy



111 .Who termed Cripps’ proposals as ‘a post dated cheque in a crashing bank’?




112 .Who was wounded in the lathi charge perpetrated on the mob protesting against the Simon Commission?

Answer:-Lala Lajpat Rai



113 .Who said, “Rest is forbidden”?

Answer:-Jawaharlal Nehru



114 .In the Congress Working Committee meeting held in Allahabad (April May 1947), a member was able to muster support in favour of his plan forguerilla war against Japan because of his definite stand against Fascism and Nazism. Who was that member?

Answer:-Jawaharlal Nehru



115 .Who was the British Governor General to introduce postal tickets in India?

Answer:-Lord Dalhousie



116 .The city of Kolkata was founded by

Answer:-Job Chernock



117 .Bardoli Satyagraha is related to:

Answer:-Sardar Patel



118 .Who gave the title of “Mahamana” to Madan Mohan Malviya?

Answer:-Mahatma Gandhi



119 .In which year was the Ghadar Party formed?




120 .Who was the leader of Chittagong Armoury Raid of 1930?

Answer:-Surya Sen

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